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Crankbaits 101- Tips and Techniques

Crankbait- Fishing Techniques
How to Fish a Crankbait
Fishing Crankbaits
Crankbait fishing - Panfish
Salmon and Steelhead crankbaits
Striped bass lures - crankbaits
Northern Pike lures - crankbaits
General Crankbait - Fishing Tips
Perch Fishing Lure - crankbaits
White Bass Lures - Crankbaits

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What is a crankbait? Learn the whole truth here!

Crankbaits for sale


A crankbait is a hard bodied fishing lure that can be casted and retrieved. Crankbaits are typically made from plastic or wood and have one to three treble hooks that hang from under the bait.  A crankbait will swim with a characteristic back and to action when retrieved. These baits tend to move through the water with a nose down position with the body of the bait swimming side to side or “wobble” back and to when the lure is reeled in.

minnow crankbait

The wobble action of the lure is impacted by the speed of the retrieve and the angle, size, and shape of lip or bill that is located on the front of the bait.  Typically the larger the bill the deeper running the bait and conversely the smaller the bill or absent billed crankbaits tend to run shallower.

lipless crankbaits for sale 

Crankbaits come in a vast array of sizes and colors that are designed to mimic target game fish food sources. Crankbaits are versatile baits that can be fished with varying techniques which affects the presentation of the bait to fish.  Selecting crankbaits that meet the water conditions (bait size, color, bait action, etc.) can and does dramatically impact bite frequency when fishing these baits.


Types of Crankbaits:


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