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Home > There is a reason why they keep selling classic crankbaits…Because they work! Storm original wiggle wart crankbaits catch fish!

There is a reason why they keep selling classic crankbaits…Because they work! Storm original wiggle wart crankbaits catch fish!

Free shipping. Storm Wiggle Wart crankbaits for sale

How to fish a Storm Wiggle Wart Crankbait?

The Storm original wiggle wart is a floating crankbait that swims with a tight wobble and is a great stop and go crankbait. Meaning that when retrieved pause, then reel in again. The bait will float and pause when the slack is taken up with the crank of the reel, the lure advances and dives and moves forward again. This technique causes the wiggle wart to appear to hop underwater.This action drives bass absolutely crazy! The stop and go technique is a wicked effective technique fishing this crankbait! This storm diving crankbait is Storm’s signature crank and is one of the best lures for bass when fishing mid-depth water 10 to 18 feet.


Storm Original Wiggle Wart Specs:

  • 2” body length
  • 3/8 oz. weight
  • #4 hooks
  • Depth 7- 18 feet
  • Internal rattle
  • External scale pattern


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