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Site Map -- Crank Bait Fishing Lures

Specializing in crankbaits. Save money and fish better!


Crankbait Types

Crankbaits by Brand

Bandit crankbait Lures
Bassday crankbaits
Berkley crankbaits
Bill Lewis crankbaits
Bomber crankbaits
Cotton Cordell Crankbaits
Daiwa Crankbaits
Gary Yamamoto Crankbaits
Heddon Crankbaits
Live Target Crankbaits
Lindy crankbaits
Lucky Craft crankbaits
Luck E Strike crankbaits
Mann's crankbaits
Mega Bass crankbaits
Netbait crankbaits
Rapala crankbaits
Rebel crankbait Lures
Sebile crankbait Lures
Smithwick Crankbaits
Spro crankbait Lures
Storm crankbait Lures
Strike King crankbaits
Tiemco crankbaits
Xcalibur Crankbaits
Yo-Zuri Crankbaits

Crankbaits by Game Fish

Largemouth Bass crankbaits
Smallmouth Bass crankbaits
White Bass crankbaits
Striper Bass crankbaits
Bluegill crankbaits
Crappie crankbaits
Muskie crankbaits
Northern Pike crankbaits
Perch crankbaits
Salmon crankbaits
Steelhead crankbaits
Trout crankbaits
Walleye crankbaits

Crankbaits 101- Tips and Techniques

Crankbait- Fishing Techniques
How to Fish a Crankbait
Fishing Crankbaits
Crankbait fishing - Panfish
Salmon and Steelhead crankbaits
Striped bass lures - crankbaits
Northern Pike lures - crankbaits
General Crankbait - Fishing Tips
Perch Fishing Lure - crankbaits
White Bass Lures - Crankbaits

Crankbait Fishing Supplies

Braid crankbait fishing line
Monofilament crankbait fishing line
Fluorocarbon crankbait fishing line
Wire Leaders and leaders
Fishing rod racks
Fishing rod holders

Crankbait Fishing Videos

Crankbait Rods, Reels, and Combo's

St.Croix Rods
G. Loomis
Daiwa crankbait reels
Shakespeare fishing reels
Shimano Fishing reels
Abu Garcia Reels
Quantum Crankbait Reels
Crankbait fishing combo's

Crankbait Terminal Tackle

Crankbait fish hooks
Split Rings
Crankbait weights

Fishing Tools

Fillet knives
Fish Scale
Knife Sharpener
Hook Sharpener

Fishing Accessories

Fishing Nets
Tackle Boxes
-Plano Tackle Boxes
-Flambeau Tackle        Boxes
Tackle Bags
Fishing Headlamps
Fish Attractants

Buy a Fishing License any State

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Site Map

- 3700 Bass Mafia Bait Coffin – Finally, a fisherman’s tackle box designed by guys that really fish and use them!
- About Us
- Any good at reading lips? Learn about expert fishing tactics with Lipless Crankbait bass fishing videos!
- Arbogast Crankbaits and Lures- History proven baits that work!
- Bagley Balsa Shad Crankbaits
- Bagley Bang O Lure Crankbaits are Kryptonite to Largemouth Bass!
- Bagley Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Bagley Kill’r B 2 square bill crankbaits (kb2)
- Bagley Small Fry Bream and Crappie Crankbaits are perfect year round forage baits for small and large water!
- Be careful! The Lucky Craft LV 500 Max Lipless Crankbait is the cause of many wrist spraining hard strikes!
- Best Fishing Lures for Slow Days- Jerk Baits!
- Beyond the Hype, Learn here why Glide Baits have become so popular!
- Blade baits are the best lures for bass when the water gets cold prior to the freeze! Learn here how we fish them!
- Break it down! View Bass fishing videos by crankbait type- gives you a quick upload to deadly bass fishing tactics!
- Buy a Fishing License online by our quick state access link directory
- Challenged fishing for Bass during summer? Mid-depth Diving Crankbaits are the answer!
- Chart Bass in deeper water? No worries, Get aggressive! Select a Bandit 200 or the Bandit 300 diving crankbaits and go after them!
- Chart fish stacked up in a column? No worries, Go vertical with a Rapala Rippin Rap Lipless Crankbaits!
- Clack, Rattle, and Roll! Rapala Clackin Rap Lipless crankbaits are in my opinion one of the best bass baits in the Lipless class!
- Disclosure
- Discover your fishing Edge! Learn crankbait fishing techniques viewing videos by targeted game fish.
- Diving Crankbaits – Get Your Lures to where the fish are!
- Fill your live well with Slabs! Learn proven crappie fishing techniques with the best crappie lures!
- Fish holding in deep water? No problem. Slay them using countdown crankbaits!
- Fish On! Square bill crankbaits are the fishing lure for fishing shallow water
- Fishing Industry best bass fishing lures…The Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait!
- Fred Arbogast Argby Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Fred Arbogast Buzz Plug Crankbait Fishing Lure
- Fred Arbogast hula popper crankbait fishing lure
- Fred Arbogast Jitterbug Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Fred Arbogast Mud Bug crankbait fishing lure
- Fred Arbogast Razorback Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Fred Arbogast Snooker Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Fred Arbogast Tru Shad Crankbait Fishing Lures
- Go Big and go home with a trophy! Target Lunker Bass with jointed crankbaits and swimbait lures!
- Go vertical for open water walleyes! Learn that your favorite ice fishing lure and tactics that work just as well after the thaw!
- Good things happen to those that fish Large Crankbaits. Bagley Monster Shad MSD crankbait is one of those cranks!
- Have the winter blues fishing for bass? Go Yo-Yo style for Lunker Largemouth!
- Hooked on Cranks? Bagley Deep Diving DDS crankbaits deliver hard hitting strikes for suspended and deep holding Walleye and Bass!
- Item
- Jackall Lipless TN 60 Vibration Crankbait Lures
- Keep your fishing baits in the strike zone longer with suspending crankbaits!
- Keep your gear dry and tight! 3700 Bass Mafia Bait Casket is an economical waterproof tackle box solution!
- Land more fish with a Crankbait fishing rod! Learn what makes the A-grade crankbait fishing pole!
- Let us explain how we fish deep diving crankbaits! Select the right crank from our collection.
- Lipless Crankbaits will get more bites! Bass lures used by Pros!
- Looking for a go to Crappie and pan fish crank that consistently produces? The Bagley Honey HB1 crankbait is the answer!
- Looking for a Successful shallow running Crankbait? Select a Bagley Bang O Lure Spintail Crankbait and just add water!
- Looking for a Work horse Lipless crankbait? Rapala Rattlin Rap Lipless crankbaits are good bass lures for most conditions!
- Lucky Craft LC RTO Square Bill Crankbaits!
- Lucky Craft LV 500 GP Lipless Crankbait poses the Triple threat of Vibration, Rattle, and Flash! Guaranteed Lucky Craft Quality!
- Luhr Jensen Crankbaits | Super deep divers to the shallow runners, quit looking! We got them!
- Luhr Jensen Hot Lips Express TA – Deep Dive angle and extreme depth crankbaits!
- Luhr Jensen Hot Shot Crankbaits target Salmon, Steelhead, and lunker Trout!
- Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Crankbaits- This is the Crank for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead!
- Luhr Jensen Speed Trap Crankbaits are top shelf Square bill crankbait!
- Match the Hatch! Select a Floating Crankbait that matches the forage fish of the water your fishing.
- Megabass Knuckle 60 square bill crankbaits
- Megabass Vibration X crankbaits - High end Japanese cranks at value pricing
- Minnow Crankbaits- Hone your skills with these insider minnow crankbait fishing tips!
- Muskie are the fish of a thousand casts! Catch more learning the slack line twitch technique with a muskie minnow crankbait.
- Need a small stow away waterproof tackle box? The 3600 Bass Mafia Bait Casket storage box should be at the top of your list!
- Need Crash a course in how to fish Crankbaits? Fishing for beginners made simple, easy to understand and catching fish is the result!
- No back lash here! Baitcaster crankbait reels are top shelf in reels!
- Our Privacy Policy
- Protect your fishing lure investment! Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep protects your baits and gear from water, rust, light and everything in between!
- Put your pole down a second and listen up. Get your baits and lures organized with a Bass Mafia Bait Casket 3700 Deep Tackle Box and see the difference it makes!
- Rapala Crankin Rap Square Bill Crankbaits
- Read this and catch more Bass NOW! Fishing tips with crankbaits!
- Reel Screamer Cranks! Megabass Vibration X Smatra Lipless crankbait bass lure gets hard hits!
- Reel Screamer Strikes with Trout Crankbaits!
- RSS Feed
- Sebile Square Bill Sunfish Crankbaits
- Spool up the best fishing line for crankbaits! Learn how to pair up water to the best crankbait fishing line!
- Spy Baits are the crank bait of choice for fishing vertical suspending bass!
- Stop searching for the perfect crank bait for bass. Megabass Vibration X Ultra Lipless Crankbait is as close as it gets!
- Strike King KVD Silent Square bill Crankbaits
- Strike King Red Eye Shad Lipless Crankbait #REYESD is a fish finder crankbait. A great bass fishing bait to work through water to find the schools!
- The Lucky Craft LVR Mini is our bait of choice for pulling cranks across the tops of weed beds and grass. This is the crank for that job!
- The Spro Aruku Shad 75 Lipless Crankbaits are the Weed-eaters of lipless cranks! This is the go to crankbait for fishing bass in aquatic vegetation!
- There is a reason why they keep selling classic crankbaits…Because they work! Storm original wiggle wart crankbaits catch fish!
- Tired of losing cranks in brush piles? Check out the Jackall Lipless TN 70 Vibration Crankbait and see the difference!
- Trouble organizing your Crankbaits and Lures? Gear up with Bass Mafia Tackle boxes and storage boxes.
- Walleye hugging the bottom? Go deep with a 3 way rig and a walleye crankbait!
- Want a lipless crank that sinks nose up like a wounded minnow? The Lucky Craft LVR D 7 is your crankbait!
- Welcome to Crankbaitfishinglures.com!
- What is a crankbait? Learn the whole truth here!
- What is a Wake Bait? You need a Wake Bait Call? Learn and Discover why this lure is the red hot bass bait!
- Xcalibur XCS 100 Square lip Crankbaits

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