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Home > Challenged fishing for Bass during summer? Mid-depth Diving Crankbaits are the answer!

Challenged fishing for Bass during summer? Mid-depth Diving Crankbaits are the answer!

mid-depth diving crankbait lures for sale
Mid-depth diving crankbaits depending upon whom you talk to are cranks that operate best in a margin of water between 6 to 12 feet. Finding mid depth cranks that perform in this bandwidth of water and selecting the right bait color are key in selecting the right crankbaits for the situation. Many fisherman fall into the trap of summer fishing for bass for example, look to go to deep water when the temp heats up. This I will say varies.

If fishing from a boat, check for the thermocline line. Setting the sensitivity of your electronics will show a solid line. This line defines the area of oxygenation in the water where the colder more dense oxygenated water is lower and the heated warmer less oxygen water stays near the top. Typically this occurs when water temperature reaches 80 degrees, the bass will migrate to deeper water. In winter and with colder water situations, the water turns over and the oxygenation depletion is not as defined. Summer anglers heed this advice, “find the thermocline”.


Fishing structure, underwater ditches, humps, weed lines, or simply points or other irregularities near the thermocline’s upper end tends to be target areas where fish will suspend and hold. In clear water near the 10 foot mark, light becomes a factor and consider bait color appropriately. If the thermocline is at 7 to 8 feet, the colors of the bait is a real consideration. Deeper the darker water, go with brighter crank. Maybe go with bolder and brighter colored bait deep on the thermocline and maybe stay with brighter colors still if water clarity is cloudy at the thermocline is at 7 feet. Natural colored baits make the most sense in clear water above 10 feet in clear water.  Less fish hold in water that doesn’t hold oxygen. Find it and pay attention to it, you will not be sorry!


Cover water and structure keeping the thermocline in your sight picture. You may have to cover some water to get to the pocket of fish that will produce strikes. When you catch a fish, focus in on it! Keep throwing cranks and vary your retrieves and then cycle your baits through it. It is rare to catch 12 fish on the same lure one after the other in the same spot. Find what works and change colors and presentations. Fish are like pets to a new toy, when they lose interest they start to ignore. Changing it up keeps the interest up even if eliciting a reaction bite. You start hooking fish on the top of the head or side, they are telling you change it up! When you got it right they will inhale the crankbait and your hook ups will be in the mouth.


Even still when the bite goes stale, mark the spot and move on. Fish an hour or two someplace else and come back to it. The dynamics that got the fish to hang in the area in the first place will draw them back into it.  Hitting the spot again after a rest, be on the ready. The bite fest will likely start right back up when you crank through it the second time!


Crankbaitfishinglures.com’s top picks of Mid- Depth Diving Crankbaits available by lure title:


Storm Original Wiggle Wart Crankbait


Bagley Kill’r B Crankbait


Bandit 200 and  Bandit 300 Crankbait


Bandit Flat Maxx Crankbait


Bomber Fat Free Shad Crankbait


Berkley Bad Shad Crankbait


Berkley Digger Crankbait


Jackall Jaco Crankbait


Jackall DD Cherry Crankbait


Rapala Glass Shad Rap Crankbait


Rapala DT Thug Crankbait


Rapala Shad Rap Crankbait


Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait


Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Crankbait


Lucky Craft LC RTO DD crankbait


Luhr Jensen Hot Lips Crankbait


Spro PaPa 55 Crankbait


Storm Arashi Flat Crankbait


Strike King Pro Model Lucky Shad Crankbait


Yo-Zuri 3DS Shad Crankbait


Yo-Zuri 3DB Shad Crankbait

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