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Lipless Crankbaits will get more bites! Bass lures used by Pros!

Lipless Crankbait fishing Lures


Lipless crankbaits are shallow running baits that do not have a bill on their nose and are one of my favorite bass lures. The fishing line typically attaches at the top of the bait rather than its nose. When we talk shallow, think 6 feet of water or less. Bill Lewis Rat L Trap, Strike King Red eye shad, and Rapala’s Rattlin Rap are great examples of these popular baits. Most of these baits have bb’s or rattles that cause a vibration in the body of the bait that can cause an increased attraction with reflexive strikes to the bait.


Game fish that are challenged by another (smaller) bait fish can elicit a reflexive strike. A female bass for example sitting on a nest of eggs may strike at an intruder fish to protect her turf from a perceived threat. Another fish may simply snap at the bait simply because it finds it annoying.


Lipless crankbaits are great bass lures to throw at finicky biting fish and to entice them with a reflexive strike when nothing else may be working. These baits work best when fishing cover and structure. Hitting the bottom, weed beds, rocks etc. and changing the bait direction and speed after the hit is the most productive technique to elicit a strike response. These baits are great for fishing dark stained water. Fish have to rely on their senses of vibration and sound rather than on sight in these circumstances to target on baits and food. A high vibration rattling lipless crankbait is just the bait for this circumstance.
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